“Wild Edens: Russia” a documentary, brought to you by Rosatom, and broadcast by National Geographic, won a silver award in the ‘Fight and Adaptation to Climate Change’ category at the 8th Deauville Green Awards, a festival dedicated to the best responsible audiovisual productions. 
The documentary captures the extreme beauty of Russia’s most remote and isolated regions, revealing the magical ecosystems that are being threatened by climate change. Filmed over 12 months, the 1 x 60 documentary, is an Off The Fence production, and was broadcast across multiple markets in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. Ellen Windemuth and Allison Bean are Exec Producers for Off The Fence productions. 
Andrew Zikking, both producer and director of the documentary speaking at the ceremony said “Wild Edens is a campaign made with three films all promoting the protection of some most pristine wildernesses through renewable energy. The campaign and the series was funded by Rosatom and broadcast on National Geographic. I would like to thank both of them for involvement in this project which is really allowed us to go up there and promote to the audience key messages about how we can protect most pristine wildernesses.” Deauville Green Awards offers a unique opportunity for companies, institutions, NGOs and communities to promote actions and good practices to meet the challenges of climate change.

Each year the festival draws 500 films from five continents, and in attendance are 400 professionals and hundreds of festivalgoers and students. 

To learn more visit Wild-Edens.com